6 comments on “What does the Bible say about self-defense? By Beth Hyduke

  1. How do you reconcile what you have written to Matthew 5:38-44? When Jesus says vs39 But I say to you, do not resist him who is evil; but whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. vs43 & 44 You have heard that it was said, You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy; But I say to you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…. These verses are not in agreement with your conclusion.

    • Thanks for the comment. If you look at the passage or somewhere around there you will see that Jesus was slapped in the face and he did not turn the other cheek. Instead he spoke up and defended himself. v39 must be understood that too Jews it was an eye for an eye. Jesus was saying this to Jews and was addressing their preconceptions. To love your enemy and pray for them does not included getting killed, beaten down, or abused in any sense. Jesus will one day return and do battle against the Devil and the forces of evil and we will be joining him. These things and the things lsited in the article cause me to agree with the authors conclusion.

      • Hello whiggwam, I am sorry the passage is not in Matthew as I stated but I was thinking about..

        John 18:22-23 22 When Jesus said this, one of the officials nearby slapped him in the face. “Is this the way you answer the high priest?” he demanded. 23 “If I said something wrong,” Jesus replied, “testify as to what is wrong. But if I spoke the truth, why did you strike me?”

        Here someone slaps Jesus in the face and instead of turning the other cheek, he verbally defended himself.

    • How do you reconcile Matthew 5:38-44 with Psalm 82:3-4? “Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked.” And plenty more where that came from. Context, and the full counsel of God, is important. In the same speech (the “Beatitudes”) Jesus also said that he did not come to destroy the Law and the Prophets, “but to fulfill.” The Law does not save us, but it does show us what a good work is. is it lawful, and a good work, to allow an evildoer come into your house and rape and kill your wife and children because of “turning the other cheek?

      • I am addressing this post to Beth Hyduke, the article writer and Damon Whitsell & Dan Lowenberg, who replied to my comment.
        I decided to respond to all three at once because there is a common thread of agreement in your writings. The problem is the misunderstanding of the
        Word that you put forth as truth.
        I am not wanting to be contentious or argumentative and I pray that you will hear my words in the most well meaning tone because that is my intention.
        It seems clear to me that you have misunderstood the purpose and use of the old testament writings and in fact are trying to use old wine skins to contain new wine. In doing so the skins burst and both are lost.
        To Dan, I am sure that when Jesus spoke in Matthew 5, he was well aware of what psalms 82 said. But, he said it anyway which should make us take notice. The question you raise at the end of your reply used to incite an emotional response is tough, but when is dying to self ever easy? I will address this more at the end.
        To Damon, to say that John 18:22-23 is an example of Jesus not turning the other cheek, it is probably the best example of anyone doing so! You are telling me that the God and creator of everything, being struck in the face by one of his creation, did not turn the other cheek because he asked the man why he struck him? With ultimate power in our control would we respond likewise? I wonder under what circumstances you would say turning the other cheek would be the correct response?
        If you say that Jesus was only talking to the Jews of that day, then I think you have missed the importance of John the Baptist and Jesus when they preached the kingdom of heaven is at hand and when Jesus was telling his disciples to go make more disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all that Jesus had commanded them. He again was talking to Jews.
        Also, to say that Jesus would tell some to turn the other cheek and for him ( our great example that we should follow) to not do it himself is hipocracy which he spoke very strong words against.
        The words of the article and your replies were written with an aire of confidence and strength, but they are filled with fear, unbelief and lack of faith.
        To demonstrate this I ask you this question. How big is your God?
        The God I serve created the universe in its great vastness and everything in it, yet he himself cannot be contained by his creation. He is timeless. His Will, will always be accomplished. My very next breath and heartbeat is in his hand.
        If it is his will that I shall live to see tomorrow, who can oppose him and kill me? If it is his will that my life be taken from me, where can I hide that he will not find me?
        Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
        Yes, I find the full counsel of God lacking in the original article and your replies.
        And I ask again. How big is your God?
        If you examine your beliefs and you find that you are serving a small god, be aware that you may have made god in your image.
        May God continue to bless you.

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