23 comments on “17 Facts about Mormonism: A Mormon Response and Counter-Response by Damon Whitsell

  1. I only read a few of these points (I think five) and I have to say that neither you nor CC does a very good job responding to anything. CC seems to dodge the issues as much as possible, while you frequently put out more misleading ideas and false doctrines in your response. I think that in a few days I will respond to these points myself on my blog. Maybe we can discuss them in more detail than.

  2. If you are still interested, now that Christmas is over I will start posting some comments on these little known facts on my blog ‘Defending the Faith’. I will be citing this blog, so you should get a link.

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  8. I don’t understand what your doing. In your first post you said you was not gonna comment on mine or CleanCuts statements. So what is your point? Why did you not just take the 17 facts article and write about it. Do you want me to counter-respond?

    • I explained exactly what I was doing in the the introduction post I made. I have taken the 17 facts article and I am writing about it. I referenced your blog here because this is how I found the 17 facts, and I wanted to give credit. However, my main intention was not to continue the discussions that you and cleancut had started here, but to start the discussion over at the beginning, because I felt that cleancut had not given good responses in the first place.

      As to counter-responding, I always welcome discussion with anyone, and if you feel like commenting and discussing what I have said on any given point I would be most anxious to here your thoughts.

      • I cannot promise I will respond. But I do promise I will read all your post once you get through and I will consider doing a writing in response to yours. Have a blessed one. I will accept your pingbacks which I usually do not approve on my blogs.

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  12. Good post-Damon, I pray that the Lord may continue to use you to expose false doctrine like Mormonism so that people may see the devil’s trap. shematwater came to my Blog trying to defend his Mormonism beliefs and started to say something interesting that Jesus is God. At first, that threw me for a loop but I knew better and seen his tactics. D&C 130:22 clearly says, that Yahweh had flesh and bones meaning He was human. Mormonism doctrine teaches a different Yahweh, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. He kept trying to make me believe that he believes that Jesus is God so I went to Mormon.org and asked a Mormon missionary on their chat that if they believe Jesus is God. Her answer was that she believes in the Godhead but as three different beings. So I asked again to clarify that was she was saying is that Mormonism doesn’t believe that Jesus is God right? Her answer was correct we don’t believe Jesus is God. Damon, why do you think that shematwater is saying the opposite? I’m curious. You seem to know a lot about Mormonism and I want to get your opinion, below is my link to my post about false prophets that I wrote about and also go down to the comment section and read our debate. Thanks for your time.

    • Spaniardviii, I have studied Mormonism off and on since 85. In fact I almost became a Mormon because in 85 I had a car wreck, died, was resuscitated and was in a coma for two weeks. Afterwards I was searching for God with all my being and I studied with 3 sets of Mormon missionaries for 8 months because my uncle is Mormon and was a bishop at the time. My friends at work was telling me Mormons are not Christian, they are a cult, because they do not believe Christian teachings. They told me Mormons believe this and that and when I asked the missionaries and my uncle if they believed these things they said no. I went to the Christian bookstore and bought every book they had on Mormonism. After reading them and studying my bible I concluded yes they were a theological cult with a little sociological cult mind control thrown in. So I told the missionaries to not come back and I told my uncle that I had concluded that Mormonism is a cult and not Christian. I told him to not send anymore missionaries to my house anymore. So he gave me an official LDS book called The Gospel Principles. And as I read it, it confirmed for me all that I had learned about Mormonism. All the things my uncle said Mormons did not believe was right there in black and white published by the official LDS church. My own uncle lied to me about what Mormons believe for months. I was heart-broken and could not understand why my own uncle would lie to me when my soul was at stake. Because I have Oneness Pentecostals and Bible Missionaries in my family which are also cults I started studying cults after I became grounded in the Bible. I learned that in cults there are the deceived and the deceivers. And my uncle was a deceiver big time. Look on Youtube for Mormonism lying for God. You will see that they are taught not only it is permissible to lie but they are told to lie.

      The guy I was responding to here (CleanCut or CC) had no clue that I had done all this studying and he was a paid FAIR Mormon apologist so he tried to feed me the standard bunch of lies. I knew they were lies and with google I showed that to be true. All cults redefine terms. So for instance they will try to tell you that their doctrine of exaltation is the same thing as Eastern Orthodox Theosis. EO teaches that theosis is become god like. Mormons redefine that to mean become gods. What they teach is not theosis but apotheosis (that men become Gods). People like CC and shematwater know this is the case but they will do anything to appear to be Christian.

      To be honest you still have not gotten a straight answer about what Mormons believe about the divinity of Jesus. They officially teach Jesus is “a god, but not God”. He was the first born spirit child of Elohim and he became a god when he became a man, believed the Mormon gospel and did all the works it takes to be exalted to godhood. Of course we know Jesus is the one and only God manifested in the flesh.

      I never got around to addressing shematwater’s post on his blog because his responses was just too long and he seem to not be as talented an apologist, or deceiver, as CC. I only read his first two responses and when life got hectic I decided not to refute him because his blog did not get a lot of traffic and he would not be deceiving many people.

      I will take a look at your post though and see if I feel led to respond to him there if I can get around to it. Right now my Mom is sick and might have cancer, we get the test results tomorrow. But I’ll take a look not and see if I should comment later.

      Have a good day brother and keep fight for the Truth. It pays heavenly dividends 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your response, it was very well said. Can you tell me your mom’s first name? I would like include her in my evening prayers that God may heal her and comfort you and your family through this difficult time. I see what you are saying now about what shematwater was proclaiming about Jesus that He is God but he was taught to lie to Christians on that issue. I see this as Satan wanting to stop me from saying anything bad about his false religion so people won’t find that out. Well, Damon I glad you found the Lord, God allowed that accident to wake you up spiritually so that you may seek Him even though Satan wanted you God had other plans and send His followers to warn you of Mormonism, how great of a God we serve. God bless you and your Mom.

  13. If you are so confident that you can prove me wrong, why not take the time to do so on just one post that I have made.
    Now, I get life being hectic. That is why I have slowed down in my posting, but surely you could find one to refute.

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